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Submitted on
October 24, 2008


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On a dark and scary stormy night...

within the Zombie Kingdom of dAmn...

monsters are stirring!

The Fella Zombie King needs your help!  He needs to grow an army of monsters in the Zombie Kingdom in preparation for Halloween Night. Mummies, Zombies, Vampires, Demons, and WereWolves will all form their own Armies and build up their numbers by biting and infecting human victims and turning them into Monsters!

The Fella Zombie King will bestow prizes on the strongest Monsters! But you must make sure that the humans you infect and turn into Monsters stay in Zombie Kingdom so that they may learn the ways of the Army and be ready for Halloween Night!

How To Play

You begin by joining the #dAMonsters chatroom and "biting" someone by typing:

!bite username

Biting them transfers some of your monster saliva into the bite.

Now contact that person and tell them about this contest and the Zombie Kingdom! When you get them to join the #dAMonsters chatroom, the bite will be successful, and they will turn into the same type of monster you've become. At that point, they can start playing too and help to build the strength of your Monster Army!

:bulletgreen: You can bite up to 3 people at a time.
:bulletgreen: When the bite is successful in turning someone into a Monster, you can bite again.
:bulletgreen: If the person you bite doesn't join the #dAMonsters chatroom within 12 hours, your saliva wears off (You get that bite back).
:bulletred: You can't bite and infect just anyone. Generally speaking, you won't be able to bite someone who regularily visits the Zombie Kingdom (all chatrooms on the Chat Network)

How to Gain Monster Points

The Fella Zombie King will be pleased when you turn people into Monsters and increase the population of the Zombie Kingdom. It's important to keep your Monsters interested in the Zombie Kingdom because it affects how many points you can earn:

:bulletgreen: For every person that you successfully turn into a Monster, you gain 10 Monster Points. After that, for each day that Monster visits the Zombie Kingdom you will gain one additional point - the Zombie Kingdom encompasses all chatrooms on the Chat Network.
:bulletred: If a Monster you've created is away from the Zombie Kingdom for 5 days or more, you lose the 10 Monster Points and no longer gain the additional point per day for them.


There are five kinds of Monsters which have all formed their own Armies: Zombies, Mummies, WereWolves, Vampires, and Demons.

Grand Prize: $50 dev cash + a special surprise T-Shirt!

Subsidiary Prizes: Four 1 year subscriptions.

The Grand Prize will be awarded to the leading scorer in the strongest (highest scoring) Monster Army.

The subsidiary prizes will be awarded to the leading scorer in each of the other Monster Armies.

The game will run from October 24'th through October 31'st.

:new: The game will end on October 31'st, at 7:00pm EST

:new: Although you will not be able to !bite anyone after the game ends, the game will continue for 5 days before the winners are announced.  During this time, you may lose points if someone you've successfully bitten is away from the Zombie Kingdom for 5 days straight.

#dAMonsters chatroom opens at 3:00pm PST</b>

Mutate Spells

As you get better at turning people into Monsters, the Fella Zombie King will reward you with Mutate Spells. For every 3 people you successfully bite, the Fella Zombie King will give you one Mutate Spell. With this spell, you can attempt to mutate the saliva from someone else's bite to your own.

If the mutation is successful, you get the points when the victim joins the room and they become part of your Monster Army instead.

If you have a Mutate Spell, you can cast it by typing:

!mutate username

Where "username" is the name of the person who has been bitten.

Transform Spells

As you get better at casting Mutate Spells, the Fella Zombie King will arm you with Transform Spells - this is the most powerful spell the Zombie Kingdom has ever seen.  For every 3 Mutate Spells you cast successfully, you will receive 1 Transform Spell.

The Transform Spell can instantly change the DNA of one kind of Monster into another! With this spell, you will be able to change a Zombie into a Demon, or even change yourself into another kind of Monster!

This is a powerful spell because it allows you to switch yourself or others into other Monster Armies (this can have a direct impact on who wins the prizes).

If you have a Transform Spell, you can cast it by typing:

!transform username Monster

Where username is the person you want to cast the spell on and Monster is the kind of Monster you want the DNA to become (Zombie, Mummy, WereWolf, Vampire, or Demon).

Getting Updates on your Game

To get information about your Monster Points and events that have happened to you in the game, you can type:


This will tell you how many points you currenty have, how many bites are available to you, and any Mutate or Transform Spells. It will also show you recent events that have impacted your game. For example, it will tell you when a bite is successful, if someone has mutated a bite of yours, or if a Monster you've created has been away from the Zombie Kingdom for more than 5 days.

Miscellaneous Commands

!unbite username - will undo a bite you've done that hasn't been successful yet (use this to get a bite back where you've changed your mind).

!bites - will list the people you've bitten but who haven't joined the #dAMonsters chatroom yet (ie, haven't been turned into Monsters yet).

!monsters - will list the people you've successfully turned into Monsters and who have been active in the Zombie Kingdom in the past 5 days.


!armies - will list the Monster Armies in order of strength (top scoring army)

!vampires - will list the 5 top scorers in the Vampire Army.
!zombies - will list the 5 top scorers in the Zombie Army.
!demons - will list the 5 top scorers in the Demon Army.
!werewolves - will list the 5 top scorers in the WereWolf Army.
!mummies - will list the 5 top scorers in the Mummy Army.


:bulletred: Avoid spamming other chatrooms.
:bulletred: All interaction with other deviants with respect to the game must adhere to deviantART policies and etiquette.
:bulletred: The use of alternate accounts or any other method to cheat is strictly prohibited.
:bulletred: Any user that is found not to be abiding by the rules will be evicted from the game immediately.
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This is funny. :D
what a sneaky way to get more people to join the chatrooms XD

i dont go on chatrooms anyway, cept #iamanthro, so I can't be of any addition to this "game"

a VERY sneaky way to get participation in the chatrooms :D I like it XD
sick, i can't wait to try this.
so the one year subby will be pass to the 4 other leading scorer of EACH SECTION , even tho the 2nd runner up of sect. is higher then them ?
Could you rephrase your question? There will be one winner in each of the 5 armies... for a total of 5 prizes.... (the grand prize and 4 1 year subs)
i think what kenken2008 means is, even though the 2nd highest ranking zombie has higher points than the highest ranking demon, it's still the demon that gets the subby prize, correct?
then i guess i hope that this person reads this soon :)
it's read alright =w=
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