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February 7, 2008


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The LOL Corner

This regular news article promises to make you giggle, chortle, and laugh your ass off.

Every edition will feature a collection of the funniest dAmn chat quotes.

dAmnIt! is a database of funny quotes submitted by deviants like you.

When something funny happens on dAmn, share it with everyone! It only takes a few clicks, and while you're there browse through all the other hilarious quotes!

Feel free to note me with suggested dAmn quotes to go into the next edition.

The Quotes

<DrPhizzle> grrr I hate homework
<DrPhizzle> not only is it hard, by my penis leaking
<DrPhizzle> pen is**************
<DrPhizzle> holy crap that was the worst typo I've ever made

<chivesthebutler> is garrit a trained photographer?
eXsanguinousCorpse> chivesthebutler: trained?
<DaftDays> eXsanguinousCorpse: you know, does he piddle on the carpet or not?

10:58:34 pm <garrit> my mother hadn't sex in her life, she's only my mum! :)
10:58:55 pm <Ghouldaddy> sure thing jesus

<opioid> man i was fucking gorgeous out today
<opioid> uhm
<opioid> it
<opioid> lol
<darkkavenger> whats a freudian slip?
<darkkavenger> oh
<darkkavenger> i thought it was underwear :shrug:

<Beccalicious> albinowhite1: Please be aware this is a literature discussion chatroom
<albinowhite1> literture as in books?
<alienhead> . . .

<rapidograph> when I was a n00b on AOL chat, I thought that "asl" was leetspeak for asshole

<terrafire1> Men in the gym look for sex only, period
<ashkiel> I look for sex only, period
<ashkiel> :D
<terrafire1> i look for periods after sex.
<terrafire1> just to make sure

<XxTrinityxX> I just thought of the greatest lame super hero ever
<XxTrinityxX> "sauna man"
<XxTrinityxX> feel his hot steamy justice!
<XxTrinityxX> actually
<XxTrinityxX> no..sounds like a bad porn

18:20:09 <sodalicious> I've never had to ream Hamlet
18:20:15 <sodalicious> READ*
18:20:23 <sodalicious> Oh my God.. >_<

17:26:12 <opioid> I CAN'T OPEN MY FUCKIN SALSA
17:26:14 <opioid> owee
17:26:36 <opioid> owww.
17:26:40 <opioid> its really fucking stuck too
17:26:50 <opioid> and my joints are so bad :dizzy:
17:26:54 <opioid> this is when i hate that the most
17:26:58 <opioid> opening shit.
17:27:40 <Tachy-on> hot hot water over the lid
17:28:15 * opioid tries that
17:30:16 <opioid> it required the hot water, one of those rubber things, a towel, a loud grunt, and dropping to my knees in the kitchen.
17:31:10 <Tachy-on> opioid: you know, you just described my last sexual experience.
17:31:22 <opioid> roflmao
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RosephDream Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013

<DrPhizzle> grrr I hate homework
<DrPhizzle> not only is it hard, by my penis leaking
<DrPhizzle> pen is**************
<DrPhizzle> holy crap that was the worst typo I've ever made


Ciel-in-a-dress Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2010
lol... I love the last one.
Sunny-Winter-Star Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
short4life Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009
CessaSiranasya Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
I hope no one ever had to actually ream Hamlet. XDDDD
Hot-Sauce-Vixxen Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2009
My side hurts. :lmao:
Deliiee Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009  Student
i laughed so hard i fell off my chair, and my mum came in she was all, WTF??
Wild-Magic-Girl Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009
this is the BEST thing EVER.
yo-bro Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2009
omg! I think I love you $tachy-on you are HILARIOUS!
Harm-An8tr Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
yawl 'r bad....*sigh*
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