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September 15, 2009


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Avast ye scurvy deviants!

Saturday, September 19'th be international Talk Like a Pirate Day!

'Tis time to pull the cork outta yer bung hole and get to swabbing the poopdeck!

That's right, grab yer hornpipe and play a festive little tune as ye dance smartly down the plank, tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day all day this Saturday in the #devart chatroom!


Pirate Fun!

Ye might just win a prize fer shoutin' like a scurvy pirate, so don't miss out 'n keep an eye out fer mini contests throughout the day in #devart!  Look out fer pirate fun in th' forums too!

oh noes pirate by ashwynmayr

Pirate dAmnIT Quote Contest

I'll be lookin' at dAmnIT quotes submitted on saturday 'n pickin' out th' funniest/best scurvy pirate exchanges submitted!  Involved in a hardyharhar conversation while shoutin' like a pirate?  Submit ye quote 'n ye may win a prize!  Arrr!


But I be not a scurvy pirate!

Anyone can be a pirate on Saturday! That's th' fun 'o it! If ye're a wee bit scurvy pirate-shy, be off here to learn how to speak like a pirate!

Pirate Emoticon by SarahRuthless
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avast ye scurvy landlubbers! I am ye captain and ifin you dont listen to me I'll make ye yella bellies walk the plank! Yarr!!
Azrael-Nekhbet Sep 19, 2009
It's talk like a pirate day over here everyday YARRRR!

I be a keelhaulin' ye!
Speaking of poor decks and deviant ways to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day: [link]
I'll swab the poop-deck!
kephre Sep 17, 2009  Student General Artist
and if ye do not speak the pirate's code, ye'll walk th' plank! :pirate:
already have my accent set :P yay goodies. i'll be using it all day :D though i wont be home much saturday, meeting my boyfriend in town and he wont be going home till about 9pm :D :D :D
Our year 6 pupils are making treasure chests to celebrate the talk like a pirate day.
Adore "Talk Like a Pirate Day"...(guess you couldn't tell by my gallery.)

Sept 19...great holiday...AURRRRRR.
EvlonArts Sep 17, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Avast me harties!
Artemis19 Sep 17, 2009   Photographer
:XD: I'll be wearin' me pirate hat then! And potentially asking where the rum went, all the while answering me question with me stumbling :XD:
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